How important is it? 

I just had the most amazing weekend, catering for a group of my soul sisters that came from all across the US to join together for one long weekend. I love to cook and create high vibe meals for all those I love. Cooking is truly my love language, and nothing is better than doing what you love for a living!

It was a beautiful weekend in Sedona, AZ, which if you have never been there it’s a magical place full of beautiful energy and just plain beauty all around.

We laughed and laughed, got crazy silly, and just had an amazing time connecting. It reminded me how important our time is with our sisters, our tribe. Whether it’s one amazing sister or several, we all need a special friend or tribe that just gets each other.

Here are some reasons having a tribe of beautiful sisters is important:

They offer support that no one else can. They have likely experienced many of they same things as you which can help you see your way through the fog.

They can keep your secrets. You have an unbreakable bond and know that you trust them completely so you can tell them anything.

You have adventure buddies. You will probably go on different, more soul-searching adventures with your sisters.

You inspire each other. Your sisters love you and care for you like no one else.

They will hold you accountable. Sometimes we don’t like this part, but a good sister will call you out on your Bulls**t!

They will be there for life no matter what. Even if you move apart, they are just a phone call away.

You can be your total self with your sisters. You will embrace the weird and funny sides of each other.

You always have a pool of advice. Sometime when we are in a situation it’s hard to see clearly. Your sisters will provide you an honest look from the inside out and give you the best advice.

You all become mentors for those around you and perhaps younger generations.

You push each other to step out of your comfort zone. These gentle nudges help you be the best version of yourself and create miracles in your life.

All in all, some people will come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Be sure to keep those lifetime sisters close because they are more precious than gold.

The same thing goes for men, they need their brotherhood just as much as we need our sisterhood.

We all need time with our special tribe, to be completely ourselves, relax, and recharge our batteries.

I’d love to hear what sisterhood means to you, leave me a comment below!

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