Happy New Year!

Well, technically it’s past the New Year here in America, however it is the Chinese New Year on Feb 5th.

I have been really feeling a huge shift for all of us, that 2019 is just going to be a great year. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year of the lucky pig. The pig is a sign of wealth and fortune. Sounds good to me!

If you want to learn more about the chinese new year, click here. 

I fell a little behind near the end of the year and did not want to rush through my New Year’s traditions. So, I decided to take it easy on myself, not be in judgement, and stay in a gentle, loving place.

I took the time to clean and clear EVERYTHING, from physical items, electronic items, and my mind.

As I moved through January, I started organizing my home, cleaning and clearing the clutter. I got rid of some furniture and lots of small items that no longer brought me joy. I organized and filed everything in my office. This way I can clear the energy of my home to allow for more to come in.

We all have that one (or more) email address that has a tone of emails in it, that we intend to read or delete, however it just gets backed up. I went through my several accounts cleared out my inbox and unsubscribed from all the junk emails.

I went through all the photos on my phone, deleted a ton of memes I saved or random pictures I did not need to keep.

I like to do my financial books once a month and at the end of the end I let that go a bit, so I made sure I was caught up and ready for the new year.

I organized my calendar, making sure to add all the personal things I am committing to such as, moving my body and my gratitude practice. It took me seven hours one day and several calls to Microsoft support, but I finally got my outlook calendar to sync properly with my phone! This was a huge accomplishment for me as you can tell.

I did some journaling, set my intentions, created my vision board and came up with my word for the year.

Now, I do this every year. What I have found is, with each year these things become part of my regular life (daily/weekly), so I do not find that I get so behind anymore. It makes it quite easy to just go through a few things and get them organized with each passing year.

Now, it really doesn’t matter if you do this kind of inventory at the beginning of the year. You can do it anytime and have the same results. The key is, do you do this kind of clearing of the clutter at least once a year?

I know I feel better, more organized, lighter, happier, and a lot more productive when I clear the clutter of my physical, mental, and electronic spaces.

The more you can inventory your spaces, the lighter you will feel. I would love to hear what you are taking inventory of and what your intentions are for 2019! Leave me a comment below.

I feel energized and motivated to take on 2019, oh and by the way, my word this year is FEARLESS!

Many blessings to you and lots of love coming your way.

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