Your future is bright if you just look ahead!

~Kim Richardson

Don’t look back, you are not going that way!

Don’t look back, you are not going that way!

The Past

I struggled my whole life with depression.  Every day was a challenge and I hid it well. I became an excellent actress in life wearing many masks to please everyone. I never knew what it meant to love myself and live in true joy. 

As I moved through life I continued to attract the wrong relationships; romantic, friendships, and career. I did not understand why I would try so hard and nothing was moving in the direction I wanted.

The Shift

As with many, it takes a life altering experience to have an awakening of sorts. I had lost someone dear to me to suicide and was completely lost. I was finally ready to look deep inside and start walking the journey of healing. Little did I know how much work it was about to become.  I had to heal all the past wounds, many of which I did not even realize were there; pain from past sexual abuse, feeling unworthy and unloved. I was holding onto so much anger and had a lot of forgiveness work to do.  

As I walked this healing journey I was awakening to a much bigger purpose in life. I knew that my purpose here in earth was much bigger. I wanted to make sure that EVERYONE I encountered felt loved, to teach others how to show love and compassion to each other, and to teach others how to heal so they too can live in joy every moment of their lives. It become my purpose to help others grow in any way I can.

My Relationship with Food

Throughout my life, I struggled with my weight, body image and loving myself. I was addicted to junk food and was a crash, yo-yo dieter. Once I let go and trusted the healing process, miraculous things started happening in all aspects of my life. Without changing my diet or exercising, the weight just started to come off. However, I still did not feel GOOD all the time. I learned to listen to my body and started letting go of all the things that no longer served me; emotionally and physically. As I healed my mind, body and spirit, more weight was coming off. I started learning more about food and the impact what we eat has on our bodies and grew very passionate about food. I have always loved cooking; however, I have enjoyed learning to create new high vibrational meals to feed my mind, body, and spirit. More than anything I enjoy sharing my love with others through my cooking! 

I look forward to seeing what we co-create!