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Facebook Basics

Even if you know Facebook pretty well, I guarantee you will learn something new after completing this course. It is designed for the very beginner Facebook user as well as the more experienced user. This course will help you understand your personal Facebook account as well as how to use Facebook groups and pages for personal and/or professional use. It can also help you promote your business or product/book launch as you learn how to create and manage Facebook groups and pages.

Create Card Deck cover course.jpeg

Create your own oracle card deck

Have you ever thought about having your own card deck?

A card deck can be like a daily affirmation deck, positive thinking, healing, gratitude, etc..

Or, you could produce one image and use these as a marketing tool to give out for when you do events.

Card decks are a great marketing piece for and your business. They create a beautiful retail offering.

If you have a book published or thinking of publishing one, the addition of a card deck creates a beautiful support item.

The process can be a bit overwhelming, but I can help you achieve your dreams of having your very own card deck.