Are you holding onto something? Are you ready to let go?

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I have struggled with my weight most of my life and through my healing process, I realized that I needed to love my self unconditionally FIRST. My life was a roller coaster, my emotional eating was out of control. I would diet and lose the weight only to gain it back and then some. I was always taking care of everyone else’s needs and never my own.

I have been every size from very skinny to very heavy and even in my skinniest of days, I wasn’t “healthy”. My mind was full of self-sabotaging garbage that needed to be taken to the curb!


Can you relate to some of my self-sabotaging ways?

  • Negative self-talk constantly ringing in my head

  • Putting others needs before my own

  • Not loving myself unconditionally

  • Not setting appropriate boundaries

  • Emotional eating

  • Holding onto the past

Holding on to the past was really an interesting one for me as I did not realize just how much of it I was doing. I had thought I would just forget about all the pain and move on. Well, I really didn’t heal those areas and it was very enlightening to see just how much it was all still showing up in my life.

 As I worked to heal all those areas of my life, the weight started coming off as it’s protection no longer served me. I realized that the mind, body, spirit connection was just as, if not, more important than focusing on what I was eating and going to the gym.

It’s now important to nourish my total mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. This means putting my needs first. The key was learning to listen to what my body was telling me. I was on so many medications and had many aches, pains and constant belly issues. I started to hear what my body was saying. Out of self-love, I started to eat to nourish my body rather than kill the pain.

You see, it slowly, step by step, became about taking care of me. When I focused on nurturing and loving myself, the weight continued to come off and hasn’t come back. I am still a work in progress and continue to implement new tools in my life.

 I am excited to co-host this event with my dear friend and colleague, Michael Anthony, as we will dive deep into the mind, body, spirit connection to help you discover a puzzle piece or two that may be missing in your life and keeping you from living in happiness and joy every day.

Michael Anthony is an Intuitive Chanel and Coach who assists people to step into a life of empowerment and peace. Having worked with thousands of people, Michael Anthony has a unique skill to deeply connect with people as they step on their path of emotional and spiritual health. One part corporate and one part hippy, Michael Anthony is able to tune into the healthy balance of life. Michael Anthony helps individuals attain spiritual, emotional and physical health through a combination of Intuitive Coaching, Hypnotherapy and his very own unique MASmore Energy work. To learn more about Michael Anthony click here.

You will leave this workshop with a new awareness and some amazing tools to implement for lifelong mind, body, spirit - LIFE-LONG changes.

Pre-register by Saturday, May 18th and bring a friend for only $10! Grab your tickets here.

We would love to see you there! 

I want to hear from you, comment below and let me know what you are ready to let go of.

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