Are you ready to evolve?

We just completed our 8-Week Weight Loss for Life program and I am so proud when participants show up for themselves.

There was a time when I always put everyone and everything first. I didn’t create the time to show up for myself. Did you see how I said that, “create the time”?

It’s true, we can create the time for what matters to us most. Now this means we may have to become good at setting boundaries or saying no, but YES … you can create the time.

You see, for me, it became something so important to me that I made sure I was my own top priority. There was a learning curve and it was difficult at first. However, as time went on and with practice, it became second nature to me. I no longer do things that do not feed my soul. I no longer surround myself with people who do not feed my soul. I no longer strive to make others happy at the expense of my own happiness.

I am going to ask you some soul- searching questions and I challenge you to do some journaling around them. I would love to hear what awareness comes up for you.

1.      Do you always put others first? When, how, why?

2.      Do you take time for yourself to regroup and feel your joy DAILY? When and how?

3.      Do you have trouble setting boundaries, saying no? When and why?

4.      Do you keep people in your life that do not lift you higher? Who are they? Why do you allow this?

5.      Do you show up for YOURSELF? When, where, and how?

6.      Do you invest in yourself? When, where, and how?


As you answer these questions, examine what parts of your life you can change (hint: you can change anything 😉). Now, start taking some steps to implement those changes. You do not have to do an overhaul all at once, just try one thing at a time.

You deserve to live your best life and YOU are in control of creating it! When you need help, inspiration, motivation, or guidance, I suggest reaching out, working with a mentor/coach, going to a workshop or an event. You will meet like-minded people, build strong relationships, and most importantly build the strongest relationship with yourself and become the best version of YOU!

I know I am far from perfect; however, I do work on being the best version of myself every day. You know, the version changes as time passes … age and wisdom kicks play an important part of my personal and spiritual growth. Guess what? To be my best version of myself means that it’s an on-going process and ever evolving.

Are you ready to continue evolving with me?

I would love to hear what comes us for you when you spend some time with the questions above. Comment below in this blog or shoot me an email at KimRichardson@KimRichardson.Kim

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