Opening Your Heart


By guest blogger,  Misty Thompson          Photo credit: Romolo Tavani

It is time for you to open your heart and be willing to accept what may come. This blog post came to me for no particular reason, other than my Spirit Team guided me to write about this. There seems to be so much negativity, judgments, and just pure hatred in the world and I believe it is time for us to stop reacting from a place of fear and look more from a place of love. Opening our hearts will allow love to flow in and out.

 When your heart is closed, my visualization is like an energetic set of armor around your heart.  Over time, I imagine your heart beginning to shrivel and turn dark because the brilliance of the positive energy, cannot consume it. This in turn means that negativity will be able to seep through; however, the light within your being along with the light of those you encounter will not.

 This is a sad situation because you will not be able to receive love coming your way in the form of adoring thoughts, optimistic energy, and/or nice gestures. Eventually, you will begin to attract more of this because we tend to energetically align ourselves with the people, situations, and experiences that are dark because that is what you are carrying inside.

 Our hearts either operate from a place of fear or from a place of love. I see this within my own self at times. I find that when I see people I used to work with, I end up moving in their direction of judgment, negativity, and cynicism. I don’t even realize it until I step away from the conversation and later replay it in my mind. It is an awareness that I now choose to consciously change to love. I do this by pledging to myself that in the future I will either change the subject, ask them to stop talking in that manner, request to my Spirit Team for help, or just excusing myself. Do not subject your heart to that type of torture.

 Open your heart by trusting, believing, and having faith that your Spirit Team will surround you with the love that you long for. Start by being that person that spreads love to others, be the example, and/or send love to those you see operating from a place of fear. When you do fall behind, and you see yourself working from a place of lack and/or dread, remember to be kind and forgive yourself, as we all are a work in progress.


I am sending you all so much love and light!!

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