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Are you a Kindness Crusader? 

Do you believe the world needs to spread and practice more kindness?

Cover is not final.

Cover is not final.


Kindness Crusader

Foreword by Emmanuel Dagher

We will create a beautiful print book with monthly Kindness calendars, an eBook,

and a deck of cards to go along with the book.

Your bio and contact information will be at the end of your chapter AND your name/website (or other preferred contact info) will be on your card in the deck.

We plan to launch on November 13, 2019, which is WORLD KINDNESS DAY!

We will start a Kindness Crusader Movement on Social Media and create bracelets that say Kindness Crusader on them.


Every project I do is about raising the vibration of this world!

Benefits of being in a multi-author book:

  • You learn to book publishing process and you get your feet wet, so to speak. This helps you learn and grow so when you are ready to create your own book, you will have some knowledge of the book publishing and marketing process.

  • Your bio and contact info will be shared with each author’s following, this means your information gets in front of so many more people! This is a beautiful marketing strategy.

  • You have several people promoting the book!

  • You have support and gain new connections with all the authors.

  • You are now a published author! Adds credibility to what you do.

  • You add a retail support item to support your work.

  • You will learn how to get your solo book published and how to market it.

  • Solo book publishing can cost $3000-$30,000, doing a compilation book is much less expensive.

I have streamlined this process to make it so incredibly easy for the authors. All you have to do is send me your story, your calendar ideas, and your card saying. I will take it from there.  No formatting, extra editing fees, no stress.

Oh, and we have a very gracious timeline! No stressful deadlines, there is ample time to get everything done for this project.



Here are some of the authors I have worked with