Paul McCray

"Kim has insight beyond her years and the kind of people skills that bring out the best in everyone who is fortunate enough to be around her. Whether facing the most difficult challenges or just wishing to grow, Kim will help you achieve your goals with humility, laughter, kindness and understanding"

Michelle Campbell

"I knew that Kim was going to help me deal with so many of my weaknesses from the moment I met her. The way she looks at life is so pure and positive that I had to pay attention. Kim helped me get through a huge hurdle in life by being the positive person she is. I know that Kim made me what I am today, there is no one and never has been anyone in my life that has inspired me in the way that she has. I would not be who I am today without her and the things she taught me. Kim is my Dumbledore!"

Jackie Kambouris

"Kim is a wonderful warm person who brings love to everyone she encounters. She is an inspiring leader and teacher who has the ability to bring out the best in people. Kim motivates with kindness and compassion. One of her most important attributes is her ability to listen and observe without being judgmental. Kim is an awesome speaker who has the ability to keep her audience engaged and entertained. I would attend any event that Kim is presenting as I know I would come away inspired and a better person"

Cece Salazar

"I truly believe that God has a way of making us see things in a different light, and Kim has taught me a gift comes in many different packages. I look back at the let downs and heartbreaks that I have had throughout my life. I find the gifts that I received from them. Now when I find myself in turmoil or stresses I always think of the gift I am going to receive from it and my heart warms up and I feel better about it"

Morissa Pena

"Never have I met someone as beautiful and inspirational as Kim. She taught me how to change my perspective in a positive way, how to love myself, how to give so much more. She helped me remember how beautiful the world can be. Listen to what she has to share with you, because I know first hand you will learn more than you expect"

Christine Garcia

"What a blessing offering your home to have classes ..."You can Heal your life!"....find your voice....is the biggest breakthrough that came to surface for me.....I highly recommend any upcoming classes that she MAY offer take advantage of...blessings Kim!!!!"

Cheryl B

"Thank You for your coaching sessions! Your compassion and insight enabled me to face my fears and move past them. You helped me change my perspective. I now look for the abundances in the world. You are a blessing to me!"