Kindness Crusader Launch Team

KC CS purple.jpeg

We are excited about our new book release and will be having a virtual launch party in November. Details of the launch party will be sent in a future email once we have all the details sorted. We are looking for a few key people who would be willing to read an PDF copy of my book prior to publication and craft an honest review to be posted on Amazon during my book launch. You must have an Amazon account to do this.

The launch strategy is very important to how well our book is exposed on Amazon and ranked. Reviews are a huge part of creating more visibility of Kindness Crusader.

If you agree to be a part of our team, our publisher, Kim Richardson, will be delivering a PDF print-ready copy of our book to you via email a few weeks prior to the launch party. You'll have time to review Kindness Crusader and then you’ll be asked you to craft your review and hold it until Kim sends further instructions during the book's launch. It is very important your review is posted only on LAUNCH day.

If you'd be willing to do us this honor, please complete the form below.