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Together we can raise the vibration of the world just by getting centered in gratitude.

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What is The Gratitude Movement?

I believe when we can all learn to be in gratitude every day we can not only change our lives and in doing so we raise the vibration of the world!

We created this beautiful book to assist you in learning how to be in gratitude and we decided that we wanted to support YOU personally in your gratitude journey. The more we feel in gratitude the more it becomes contagious and will have a ripple effect to those around us.

There is scientific evidence to support the many benefits of gratitude.

Gratitude improves our:

Emotional health

Gratitude strengthens our emotions. We become more resilient. We don’t get stuck in the energy of the bad things that happen, but instead learn to hold onto the good memories and let go of the bad. We experience more joy, less envy, and are generally more relaxed.

Physical Health

We feel more alive. We have more energy and less stress. We have a better quality of sleep, less physical pain, and even stronger immune systems. This means less trips to the doctor! People who practice gratitude daily simply live longer and happier lives.

Social Health

We are friendlier; we cultivate deeper relationships, have better marriages and healthier interactions with family. It has been proven that those who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things and people they're thankful for experience more positive emotions and express more compassion and kindness. Gratitude makes us nicer, more trustworthy. It helps us to connect with each other more fully and more authentically.


We have better management skills, increased focus and productivity, better decision-making skills and more efficient networking. We are more likely to reach our goals.


Practicing gratitude makes us more optimistic and less materialistic. We have more self-esteem. It makes us more spiritual and connected to our Source. We will start to see the miracles all around us and see or hear the messages we are supposed to be receiving.

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We wanted to create something that we could support all those that were purchasing our beautiful book and thought, let’s create a private facebook group to invite our readers to so that we can support you on your gratitude journey.

In this group, it will be like a book club, we will be moving through the book starting at the beginning of 2019 with week one. It doesn’t matter when you start in the year, you will just start at the week we are on or of course you are welcome to move at your own pace. However, I will tell you, with this book, a consistent gratitude practice AND extra support from the authors of the book, I promise you will create miracles in your life my friend!


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Have you see our beautiful card deck that supports the book and your gratitude practice perfectly?

Photo Credit: Leann Spofford

Photo Credit: Leann Spofford


Want to have your own deck of 52 Weeks of Gratitude cards? These cards compliment

the book perfectly and will help you be centered in gratitude whenever you use them! 

You can only get the card directly from some of the authors. Connect with your favorite author or click on an author below to grab your deck today!

In the United States:

Kim Richardson

Sue Broome

Marla Goldberg

Rosemary Hurwitz

Karen Cowpwethwaite

Christine Moses

In Canada:

Nikki Griffin

Our 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal

is changing lives! 

Here’s what people are saying ...

This is a warm, loving look at life. These stories remind us to breathe, to reflect, to love, to understand gratitude. Each story shared helped me find my stories and rewrite them.

~ Donna Reid

A delightful dose of goodness for every week of the year, followed with pages for you to journal your own thoughts. This book will make you see the silver lining in some sad circumstances and helped me to transform my thoughts and my thinking into wholesome gratitude! Very helpful and thought provoking if you are working through a difficult time or working on self-awareness/self-improvement!


52 Weeks of Gratitude is an uplifting book guaranteed to inspire you. This book will make you feel good and will make you appreciate your life. Each chapter is a perfect way to start or end your day, providing thoughtful tidbits to reflect upon. Fifty two vignettes are written by various authors, each with a different perspective and style of writing, but all with the common theme of gratitude. Each chapter is short enough to read in just a few minutes, but is thought provoking enough to make you want to read it again and again. The authors relay tales of personal tragedy and triumph, challenges and successes, entertaining poetry, inspirational thoughts and words of wisdom.  This beautiful book is sure to pick you up and brighten your day. Some of the entries are quite moving and may make you cry, but ultimately will leave you feeling empowered and grateful. “52 Weeks of Gratitude’ will help you grow and enjoy every step of the journey to a happier you. This book includes beautiful artwork to allow self-expression through coloring. There is a journaling section at the end of each chapter to facilitate reflection and contemplation about each reading.

52 Weeks of Gratitude is a perfect gift to yourself and to others you love.
~Marianne Brandt

I love, love, love this book! Despite my efforts to make my life less hectic, I'm still not where I want to be. This book is perfect for me because it allows me a full week to focus on a single idea and story. I don't feel rushed so I can move on to the next like we so often so these days. I'm able to take some time here or there over the course of a week to let it sink in, to meditate on the story and thought shared, to document my thoughts on it, and to color the associated page. There are so many diverse approaches to gratitude and so many touching personal stories that it never fails to touch my soul. I feel more connected to my own gratitude and more capable of staying on track and focused with it. This book gives me yet another reason to be grateful. Bravo!

~Lisa Godin

This book is full of touching and powerful stories about family, forgiveness, grief, death, illness, and happiness. You name it. It shows how that way of gratitude was found and developed during hard times. It gives a very clear idea of how gratitude can change lives in such beautiful ways, not only yours but everyone else's around you as well.

~Amazon Customer

It is really about your perception, accepting the current situation and yourself plus focusing on constructive things and all the good around you. Gratefulness is a state of mind that can be achieved by practice. And this book both demonstrates how the other people have found their way of gratitude and provides you with a very powerful tool to find yours.  This Gratitude Journal is a unique tool to develop your thinking to find the happiness you deserve. It doesn't take more than some minutes a day before it comes a habit and way of life. It is also a great way to continue practicing the gratitude. I strongly recommend reading this book. It helps both to practice gratitude and is full of insightful stories.

~Amazon Customer

52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, has some of the best 52 uplifting stories that I have read in a long time. To have 52 different author's in one book and they're telling you about experiences that have changed their lives. It is a very inspirational book to read. I know you will connect with these author's through their stories.

~Robert Rice

I came across this book when I was at a real low point. Just a few minutes of reading these wonderful stories of gratitude and my whole outlook changed. As I read more and used the journal pages and did the coloring, I found a real centered and peaceful place that put all my hardships into perspective for me. A really beautiful gift at any time of year for making someone feel better.

~Julianne Berge

Knowing those beautiful wise words will heal is vital to those who need to hold that book in their hands--it will be a MUST read indeed!

~Cynthia Jones

The poignant stories deeply touched my soul. Having lost 2 children I understood what the authors had lived through. All the stories we're wonderful, uplifting, inspiring and full of strength and tenacity. When they felt all was lost, they found their way back to peace through feeling gratitude for the challenges. Rising above and going beyond to create extraordinary lives. My heart soared at the silver linings in each and every story. Ladies, you are my heroines and you rock! Thank You for this incredible book and sharing your stories that others may find strength and a different perspective to grow and flourish in our world.

~Kym Baron

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