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I am completely humbled and honored to be on the I-Empowerment Team. This beautiful group of people are genuinely the most heart centered, loving people. I just love to be in their presence. We are all committed to supporting you in your personal growth in a safe and loving way.

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What is I-Empowerment?

I-EMPOWERMENT Arizona Productions will present Monthly and Quarterly Mind/Body/Soul Events to support people within the community on a more regular basis. During these events, the Professional Affiliates of I-EMPOWERMENT will be providing workshops, on a wide-range of topics, from which attendees can effectively learn, heal, and grow together in a safe and loving space.


I-EMPOWERMENT is a collaboration corporation that believes community and camaraderie are essential elements of success within the realms of personal development and self-improvement. The company’s goal is to be a resource hub where individuals can come to get the EncouragementEmpowerment, and Education they need to achieve the life they want.