Personal Chef

I enjoy food and the art of creating wonderful high vibe meals for every event! Everything I create is customized to meet the needs of your group and infused with that extra special loving touch. We can create a menu that fits the needs of everyone in your group including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

I work best catering to smaller groups (less than 30) and specialize in retreat catering. As a frequent guest to these retreats myself, I often hear the guest feedback that the potluck meals are stressful for them. Potlucks can become a real challenge for the out of town guest as well. Not everyone enjoys shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up for a large group. Your guests will have more time to spend with YOU! Prices will vary depending on location, size of event, and menu.

Every menu is created to meet the needs of your guests. Take a look at the sample menubelow to view some my delicious options we can use to create your menu. Or I would be happy to create something custom for your group. Many of the menu items can be adapted to your guest's dietary needs whether the request is vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

A High Vibe Experience!

Great food is just the beginning. It must be prepared with high vibe energy and full of love so your guests will feel it!

Here’s What People are saying …

“I was completely taken back on how wonderful everything was, how well each meal was presented and how wonderful my body was able to receive each meal without any belly issues!”

~Robin Harned


“The food was very wonderful. I am very impressed with all of the choices for vegetarian and vegan. Everything was great. Thank you!”



“Kim did an outstanding job, she was very concerned that everything she offered met everyone’s needs. She truly cooks w/love”

~Judy James


“Thank you so much Kim! Your planning, creativity and love is very apparent at each meal. The variety of meals was awesome. Each meal was accompanied with homemade dressings, sauces and delectable side dishes that enhanced the tastes and the experience”

~Esther Dupperon


“Kim’s love infused food nourishes and smells so wonderful. Lots of good choices. Healthy foods and mouth-watering desserts. Great choice for our meals”



“Thank you both for your outstanding hard work and going above and beyond for all of us! All of the culinary expertise was truly made from love, and perfect to every last detail! We love your signature pasta noodles, and heart shaped food that really showed that it was cooked with love, thank you!”

~Talia Renzo


“Kim is such an amazing artistic food preparer. The food was all wonderful and she was so accommodating to everyone. The whole experience with every meal was unbelievable, you can feel the love that she puts into everything. Thank you so much!”

~ Janice Story


“Kim’s food is amazing. Everything was made with love and it was obvious. High vibration foods that feeds the soul, that’s what Kim provides”

~Shelly Orr


“The presentation of all meals for exceed retreat food. The taste and variety of food above and beyond. The condiments were amazing again with a large variety. Friendly and beautiful energy!!”

~Vicki Martinelli


“I was blessed to have Kim cook for me during my retreat with Sunny. The food was high vibrational and made with true love. The smells of food cooking made my mouth water at every meal. The flavor of all the different foods together truly came from heaven thru Kim. Each and every entrée was out of this world”

~Sarah Bakett


“If you’re looking for healthy, nutritional, high vibrational food for your event then look no further than Cooking with Love. The attention, care, and compassion in which each meal is prepared cannot be defined. They go above and beyond to make your eating experience enjoyable”

~Kris Voelker


“Each and every meal that Kim made was fantastic! All of the ingredients were home-made and fresh. I love the LOVE that was put into each and every meal. Especially the heart shaped items, they brought joy to my heart and belly!” ~Sunny Johnston


“Kim created amazing high vibe food for our event. Everything was amazing and there was so much to choose from. Thank you for nourishing our bodies and our spirits”

~Giuliana Melo


“Marvelous Selection, quality and attention to detail. Kim was a joy to work with, we will continue to call on her expertise often!”

~Deb McGowen


“Amazing delicious food, lovingly and expertly prepared.”

~Diana Cupp


“Kim did an awesome job in selecting menus and preparing the food. Everything was delicious and the love put into the food was obvious”



“Kim started cooking the minute we got there everything tasted great all weekend. She has great customer service and treats everyone with respect”

~Janet Wall


A customized menu is created for each event based on all the guests needs.

Click here for a sample of menu items available.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is important to have a selection of high vibe foods to give your guest the much needed mental and physical energy to be fully present in your retreat.

Lunch should be light and not heavy so your guests do not have the horrible food comma after they eat. After lunch, they will be totally alert, full of energy and ready to continue to learn and grow.

Dinner should be grounding and comforting. Typically, we have themed dinner nights such as; Italian, Mexican, American, or Asian. Your guests will love the culinary trip around the world as most of them will experience at least one thing they have never had before.

Every meal includes a delicious dessert that meets everyone’s needs.

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